Luke Whittall - Strandlines


It's not electronic, only real instruments were used. 

It's not jazz, there's too much folk music. 

It's not folk, there are too many weird chords. 

It's not classical, the wrong kinds instruments were used.

It's just sound, and it's all around you. 

Designed to be background music for functions, dinners, and events, the music of "Strandlines" is the result of my experimentation with looping technology in these sorts of performance situations. The intent was not to create music to be a "show" or stand out in any way. Rather it is meant to be unobtrusive sound - more natural than music from a prerecorded source, more convenient than a band, and sonically and visually interesting for people who wish to take the time to appreciate it. 

As a recording, my goal with "Strandlines" was to create an album using material collected from over four years of performances around the south Okanagan valley. The music I perform live is based heavily on improvisation and always appropriate for the occasion. For the recording, some changes to the music had to be made to make a more concise and cohesive work of art to better suit the medium. 

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